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ARRCC’s Cheetah Plains shortlisted for WAF 2021

AARCC architecture has created a new symbiotic Safari experience for Cheetah Plains. An environmentally sustainable statement as you would expect for its location and built to a minimalist ideal, it fuses is self into the natural landscape. The structure opens out into its environment allowing guests to connect with their surroundings whilst internal spaces help to provide the needed shade and comfort for appreciating the bush.

The building sets up frames through which guests can sense the shift of time and appreciate the dynamics of the natural world. It is built to provide luxury and does so through high end finishes and some exquisite uses of harder materials such as concrete and weathered steel, woods and natural elements.

Matching tones from its external environment gives it’s internal spaces a unique and obvious African feel and the play on the harshness against soft materials reinforces the reality that guests are definitely on Safari.