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Black VillaArchitecture firm: Atelier Reza Mohtashami

Principal architect: Reza Mohtashami Design team: Reyhaneh Daneshmandi, Elham DaneshmandiLocation: Harriman State Park, New York State, United States

Visualization: Reza MohtashamiTools used: Autodesk 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Revit, Vray, Adobe Photoshop

Mohtashami has designed an ultra modern residential home that flows into a hillside giving the structure commanding views and amazing form.

Its not hard to see how dedicated he is to following a minimalist principle but at the same time allowing the building to adopt its own character, one of fluidity and playfulness.

In being minimalist and adopting what could be argued as a ‘form following function’ principle he has allowed the building to take on its own natural shape, one that serves for both function but also that appeals to the human side of us, playfulness and belonging.

In essence a ‘home’ has developed, true to its natural surroundings and to its need to provide for its inhabitants.

The slope of the hill is mirrored in the slope of the roof, which is split and off-set to allow light and volume to the internal spaces. Grass covers the roof and although may seem to act as camouflage it subconsciously softens the structure and again brings in the playfulness associated with the home.

Natural elements are again brought into the visual space through materials. An unashamedly huge rock fireplace cuts through the main floor as a horizontal slab which connects to a vertical slab reaching towards the large ceiling opening as if splitting the room in two.

Which ever room you look at, large bold cuts and openings consistently reach to connect back to the environment giving the internal space light, interest and uniqueness.

Its not hard to see how the elements are design as bespoke items for the site. The large bulk of the structure desolves via the grass roof, vertical lines are black to mimic trees in shadow indeed in certain light conditions the structure desolves into its setting.