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In their 28 year career of inventive electronic vibes they not only shook the music scene but also the fashion scene.

Following their announced separation on this the 30th August 2021 we look back at how they changed the music and fashion world.

Having sold millions or records all over the world in there 30 year career the wearing of their masks undoubtedly helped shape their fame and ultimate success and style icons. The strange helmets that came originally and briefly from masks early in their career was the definitive and iconic signature to a distinct fashion marriage.

It was back in the 1990’s that the two kids first started wearing carnival masks when the world was embracing a science fiction and techno revolution and by 2000 had now become the iconic masks that defined their unique look.

In 2012, Hedi Slimane —who was then creative director at Saint Laurent— commissioned them to create a playlist that would play at his SS13 runway show. And not content with this, Slimane photographed in 2013 the duo in a tuxedo covered in sequins, as Terry Richardson also did later.

But undoubtedly, beyond collaborations and press appearances, the event that ended up cementing his history with fashion was the exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris. In 2019, the concert hall hosted a retrospective that reviewed Daft Punk’s career in both musical and stylistic terms. 

And now we are left in 2021 in a world that has to cover our faces as a matter of normal life. Will there be an accepted legacy of the two in the way we move into a new digital world.

A virtual world where the fusion of the real and digital would not just make sense but be accepted in a piece of snazzy head gear?