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The Future Ark Sales Center in Neijiang

China by DFE Design

All credit to DFE Design

Photography: Ao Xiang

A modern and striking form has emerged in this contemporary and fluid form arhictectural statement in Neijiang, formally known as Han’an. The flow of the river Toujiang which nourishes the city is reflected in its architecture through fluid form and connected spaces.

Built against this river the Future Ark Sales Center reflects and presents the regions heritage and cultural richness offering the city renewal and recognition of the people in Neijiang through its design methods, such as function activation, value reshaping, and promotion of humanities and arts, and also brings commercial prosperity back to the city.

The structure therefore works hard as a new hub for the city in celebrating its heritage and allows visitors to learn, reflect and experience the richness of the regions people. Sloping towards the river its entrance is open and welcoming again keeping guests access fluid and easy. Underground access up through the building is again a fluid and expansive experience acting as any good gallery should placing the focus on the display areas.

The design, Zhao Wenbin made sure this fluid passage through space was well lit and light wells puncture the space from above passing through multiple levels. Each light-well acts as an oasis where moments of rest or intrigue break your thoughts for a moment. The controlled detail is exquisitely balanced and colour and form play calmly together, lush green being the main breaker in the visitors tour.