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Kaleidos House in Merida,

Mexico by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

The proposal:

The architect had to make the best from a very long narrow space and did so through a sensory experience throughout the length of the project. To help expand the space and creat intrigue they used a snaking path that winds its way through each area taking the guests on a longer but more intreating route through the space, all this accompanied by different materials, scale, lighting and interior – exterior transitions.

The original and older retained part of the building follow the traditional stucco finish set against the new structure, a monolithic interior box with a semicircular perforation strategically placed to generate natural lighting and ventilation.

The use of polished grey concrete for walls floors was used to match in with previous finishes, while in the upper floor the concrete is hammered creating a texture that gives warmth to the space.

Traditional bold contrasting colours play with the light streaming in from the open ceiling onto the spaces below via the open courtyard giving volume and openness to what is a small space.