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STC arquitectos builds la viña dwelling in argentina

STC arquitectos is an argentinian studio founded by juan salassa, santiago tissot, and ivan castañeda. together they designed ‘casa la viña’, a suburban home located in the west part of alta gracia, argentina. the dwelling was thought as an atemporal container supported by a semi-urban grid, that seeks to contemplate the environment. its boundary walls evoke, in a contemporary style, the remnants of the industrial era of the city, the english-style steel sheet houses, and the train station.

the house is situated on a 12×50 meter plot and its delicate settings were created by paying close attention to the interaction between the house and its surroundings. with the addition of intermediate spaces that showcase the eternal tensions between natural and artificial, the architects generated a visual impact. the compact house design prioritized natural light and views. thanks to the 2.5 meter level support with respect to the sidewalk, large openings were generated without prejudicing privacy.

the continuous wall structure was made of common brick, supported on reinforced concrete bases and metal columns on the corner windows. the flat roof was also built with concrete. in order to minimize the impact of moisture, as the house is located in an area of lush vegetation and little sunlight, the peripheral walls were covered in black metal. the frames are made of natural aluminum combining mobile and fixed panels. the interiors have granite floors, while the kitchen and bathroom areas are clad in venetian tiles.