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The Black Raven

Joanna Gronowska | Archinect

Project presents a self-sufficient, slightly abstract architectural object situated on the water, easily accessible from the sea. Visitors can stay not only at the ground level, but also relax and enjoy the pleasant surroundings at the open terrace.

When it comes to the form, it is inspired by origami-like paper compositions and small, organic detail – a bird’s feather. The main goal was to combine its lightness with sharp, angular design.

The colours used during the design process were primarily black and white, but at the same time they were enhanced by some delicate, blue light pouring from the inside. In order to strengthen the sense of lightness, few partially translucent planes and parametric patterned meshes were added.

Nevertheless, as the the overall expression depends on it completely, focusing on the atmosphere and lighting issues were as much significant while creating that project. Its significance reveals mainly in obtaining that unique, magical mood that allows us to be a part of that enigmatic world.

All Credit: Joanna Gronowska