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Born from Black wood and glass in the Oregon woodland – Royal house

Two overlapping rectangular spaces clad in black paneling with large windows have given rise to a 4,352-square-foot (404.3-square-metre) home, fused into the side of a steep embankment, predominantly for the views. Stacked rear terraces present a stunning elevated view as the world drops away beneath its gaze.

Its called ‘Royal’ and is one of nine owned by the local studio and its partners that extend into Forest Park, an its urban forest with hiking trails, near downtown Portland.

“Royal is the first of a series of homes to be nested within an epic location deep in Forest Park,” William Kaven partner Daniel Kaven said. “The thesis of the design was to live among the trees.”

Large expanses of glazing and 735 square feet (68.2-square-metre) of exterior deck wrap the house to overlook the deciduous site and its natural flora, which includes Douglas fir trees and vine maple. In the summer, the tree canopy is intended to mitigate the sun heating the interiors.

On the residence’s all black front, an attached garage unit is fronted with glazed doors and a grouping of clerestory windows run along the top of the one-and-half-storey foyer.

Inside, the entry hall opens up to the main living area featuring white oak floors with walnut border inlays. Large windows and sliding glass doors in the room flood light into the interiors and provide views of the natural landscape.