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YOGA VILLAGE???? Say What!!??

A good idea?…a needed new over commercialised meant-to-be peaceful past-time? And here I am thinking Yoga goes in tandem with solace, peace and ‘me’ time, but hey, lets grab a coffee!?

Florida, USA

#Yoga #village is designed as a modern but peaceful green safe heaven, inspired by Yoga in an area of 5 acres. The program consists of 50 chalets, a #restaurant, and a yoga #hall. To achieve an atmosphere that is #peaceful but also exciting a mixture of greenery, #bamboo and #natural materials are used.

The main bearing structures consist of bamboo frames supporting a bamboo thatched roof. The organic roofs are further expressed with arched bamboo. By using different types of bamboo an arch-like expression can be achieved. The stronger straight bamboo is used in the columns and a more flexible type in the arches.

Bamboo is used abundantly throughout the whole village and is most vibrant in the supporting structural elements. To give a more mystic and natural feeling (reused) concrete is also implemented in the flooring and non-load bearing walls.

Perhaps now more than ever we do need these types of outlets for the mind & body?

Perhaps…a fluid eco structure to mirror the bendy curvy nature of the sport…no wait…past-time is in its self a new modern need we can all identify with, brining a quiet personal moment into the forefront of modern life. 

The building is gorgeous, the village in theory great, all very simple, impactful and chimes a chord with the new norm for eco builds and a healthy way of life. But the cynic in me doubts its success in real life over something normally very personal and quiet and forcing it into a commercial world, I dont know, throw kids, a dog, the unhappy couple and disputes and how does the yoga bubble hold up?…….thoughts?